Call for experts

We are looking for high quality experts from abroad to evaluate applications within the Programme SASPRO. There is no limitation for scientific areas the experts are working in.

Preferably, we are searching for evaluators who have previous experiences with evaluation of projects within the Framework Programmes (FP7, FP6).

In case you comply with above mentioned requirements and you are interested in evaluation of Programme SASPRO applications, please register through the register form below. Basic information as well as upload of your professional CV is required. In your CV, please indicate the scientific areas you are working in and in which you will be willing to evaluate the applications.

Evaluation of application within the Programme SASPRO will be remunerated.

In case that Evaluation Committees will choose you as evaluator we will contact you with detailed information.

Please, feel free to share this call with your colleagues. Thank you very much and we are looking forward the future cooperation,


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I have experiences with evaluation of the projects within the EU Framework Programmes (OPTIONAL)
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