Programme SASPRO – Third Call Fiche

 Board of the Programme SASPRO approved announcing of the third call for applications submission under the Programme SASPRO on 27 April 2015.

Date of call announcement: 29 April 2015

Deadline for submission of applications: 27 July 2015, 23:59 GMT (28 July 2015, 01:59 CET)

Conditions of the Programme SASPRO, applications submission procedure and applications evaluation remain identical to the first and second call.

Programme SASPRO is divided into two mobility schemes:

  • Reintegration scheme - is dedicated for Slovak nationals who have carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the Third countries at least 3 years prior to the application submission and who have resided or carried out their main activity in the Slovak Republic for maximum 3 months prior to the application submission;
  • Incoming scheme - is dedicated for researchers who have not resided or carried out their main activity in the Slovak Republic for more than 12 months in the last 3 years prior to the application submission.

 Eligibility criteria:

The applicant, the application and the host organisation must meet the Eligibility criteria, as set out in the Statute of the Programme SASPRO. In short, the applicant must be in possession of a PhD or equivalent title and he/she obtained the title maximum 14 years prior to the application submission. Eligible host organisations are all scientific organisations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). The application must be written in English, sent electronically through the system for applications and shall contain all the particulars required so as governed in the Guide for applicants.

 Application procedure:

Applications to the Programme SASPRO are electronically submitted through the system for applications, which will be available from the Website of the Programme SASPRO six weeks prior to the deadline for applications submission. Before submitting of the application it is needed to register in the system. For details, refer to the Guide for electronic application.

 Evaluation of applications:

Applications are evaluated in two rounds. In the first round meeting of criteria of eligibility, technical and formal requirements are considered. In the second round the application is evaluated by independent experts and negotiated by the Evaluation Committees of the Programme SASPRO. Selected applicants will be invited for personal interviews. Based on the above steps the Evaluation Committees classifies the applications into categories and make recommendations for funding to the Presidium of the SAS. Presidium of the SAS decides which applicants will be invited to the negotiation of the Grant Agreement. Details are provided in the Statute of the Programme SASPRO.

 Negotiation of the Grant Agreement:

All the details of his/her fellowship shall be agreed during the negotiation of the Grant Agreement with the applicant. During this period the parallel discussions on financing conditions are taking place with a subject host organization. At the end of a successful negotiation signing of the Grant agreement between SAS and selected applicants takes place and contract between SAS and the host organisation is concluded.


Start of first fellowships of applicants selected under the third call of the Programme SASPRO is expected on January  2016. Duration of fellowships should be minimum 12 months and maximum 36 months.